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Welcome to the official website of author and writer, Cally Logan. Logan’s books have been featured on, The 700 Club Interactive, Propel Women, Jesus Calling, and many more! She is also a Senior Writer for Crosswalk.com and frequent commentator and speaker for podcasts, television, events, and more.

700 Club Interactive Feature for, “The Wallflower that Bloomed” on May 28, 2024
“Dear Future Husband” featured on The 700 Club Interactive!

Christine Caine’s Propel Women Feature!

“The Wallflower that Bloomed” today! Available everywhere May 1, 2024!

From Amazon.com, “

“Introducing The Wallflower that Bloomed by Cally Logan, an empowering and thought-provoking exploration of the hidden potential within each of us. 

In this profound and introspective book, author Cally Logan, renowned for her impactful works Hang In There, Girl! and Dear Future Husband, unveils the untapped brilliance often overlooked in those who adorn the walls of life like forgotten decorations. As children, many of us are burdened with labels such as “shy,” “quiet,” “awkward,” or simply “different.” These descriptors, casually assigned by others or even self-imposed, confine us to the sidelines, rendering our voices faint and our presence unnoticed. But within the depths of our being lies a multitude of stories to be shared, perspectives to be offered, and reflections to be pondered. 

The Wallflower that Bloomed challenges societal norms that pigeonhole individuals into these predetermined roles of invisibility. With heartfelt sincerity, Cally Logan urges us to strip away the stigma associated with being an outsider, to cease judging those who prefer solitude, and, most importantly, to learn to truly see others for who they authentically are. Moreover, this captivating exploration compels us to reflect upon our own journey towards self-acceptance and self-love. 

Instead of resigning ourselves to a life of isolation and judgment, we are invited to embrace the notion that we can stand proudly in our uniqueness, fully blooming into the remarkable beings we were always meant to be.”

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