The Story Behind the Book

Hello Friend,

I typically am someone who keeps my private life, well, private, but once in a blue moon I feel led by the Spirit to peel back the curtain and share some of the, “only God could” stories of my life. With no shadow of doubt the making of, Dear Future Husband was certainly just that.

Mornings for me are very sacred. My routine is one where two of the most important things in my life merge together to cultivate a very holy haven of coffee and Christ. It was a chilly morning in November and like all mornings I was enjoying my coffee with Christ. This particular morning was met with a question from the Lord to me that was rhetorical, but I offered a reply ever still. He firmly asked, “what would you think of writing a book based off your letters?” Now of course in an instant I knew what He was getting at, there was no confusion there. You see when I was eighteen I keenly decided to embark on a very ambitious venture to scribe little notes, letters, and scribbles in notebooks, on sticky notes, and other things deemed paper of little love letters to my future husband. My life at the time was changing rapidly and it was very obvious that my future husband was not in the picture, yet I longed for him to be. The idea was perhaps if he could read the notes I wrote in real time to him that he would in some way feel that he had been along for the ride there with me, and many of the notes over time grew to be ones that held prayer, desires, and honest thoughts at the time. In my first book, Hang in there, Girl, I mentioned as a brief paragraph of this practice, but never in a million years would I ever actually consider writing a book on them. My response to the Lord’s question was one of, “well, that would be extremely vulnerable and I am not entirely sure how comfortable I would be with that.” The clock ticked onward and not another thought was given of the matter really. Literally twenty-four hours later I received an email from my Publisher….

It had been a number of weeks since I had heard from the Publisher, but that happens and I was not really concerned either way. We were still on schedule for wrapping up the interior of HITG and I was merely anticipating an email with next steps there, but that was not what they were reaching out to me about. Instead they asked a question of me, one I had heard just the day previously of, “There was a small passage in your book that stood out to us and we think it could be a captivating book if you were to write a book based off the letters you have written to your future husband!” As you can imagine my jaw was immediately on the ground….you cannot make this stuff up……but God. In retrospect if they had asked me first and God had not dropped that request to me before I would have given a knee-jerk reaction response of, “nope. too personal. not even married. nope. kthxbye” but that wasn’t what happened. There was no shadow of doubt that it was His Will that I write this book, and so it came to pass.

To tell of the tears, rawness, and clear views of a younger me it took to write this book would take far too long to type for blog intended to be quite short, but I digress. The heart and the core of this book and the testimony it has become in my life simply put is that never in my life have I seen the Father move to usher forth that which He desired in such profound ways. This book is His book and I merely the very blessed vessel to bear it into the world. My sincere hope is that those who choose to read it will find for themselves that which He wove within its fibers to be grasped for those who need it most. For this is really not my story at all, it is His and it is His leading that birthed such a story.

And so, I am delighted for you all to experience this book.