The Long Winter

Enjoying the now

“It’s always winter, but never Christmas” so goes the saying from, Narnia, but is winter really all that bad? What if we stopped approaching winter with the thought that it is the bitter stretch between Christmas and the warmth of spring, and appreciated the gift that is being present?

Lately I have found a great comfort in long walks in the snow. Have you ever noticed how it sounds different after it snows or when it is really cold? There is reason for that. According to, “The net effect is that sound bends downwards under conditions of inversion. This downward refraction of sound has the effect of making distant objects sound as if they were even closer. This is the strongest reason for soundscapes to be altered in perception when there is snow on the ground, and it is cold outside.” So it isn’t just in your head, literally sounds are different after it snows. Along with the difference in sound there is almost this unspoken peace that emerges in the winter. We are kinder to ourselves to stay in and cozy up, or we linger a little longer. Perhaps that is the real feeling invoked in winter, the aspect of lingering.

Maybe you find yourself lingering by the fire for a few extra minutes, or taking your time enjoying the rich aromas and taste of your favorite soup. An extra few minutes snuggled up under the warm covers in bed also is an indulgence taken more often than winter due to the extra chill outside of that fluffy comforter. To linger is to dwell in a moment with a little more intention and a little less anxiety to move forward. I think we all could use a bit of a linger from time to time.

So, ask yourself this week where you ought to linger? Maybe it is with a loved one for just a few extra minutes on the phone, or it is in quiet time talking to the your Creator. Maybe lingering is where the living really takes place and we are free to indwell within in an abundance of a breath.

Marvin Jockish