Suddenly and All at Once

Dear Friend,

Have you ever really experienced a good fireworks show? Not the dinky little ones that are held in a parking lot of a Food Lion, and not even the outrageously fun spontaneous ones held on with your cousins in Wisconsin on a random summer night, but a real doozy of a show? The kind where so many fireworks are being set off at once that for a moment you actually begin to hold your breath, because as lovely as it is there is a slight twinge of fear that erupts because it is so much all at once….sometimes it can feel like that when things we are waiting on God for begin to happen.

Isaiah 60:22 shares, “I am the Lord, in its time I will do this swiftly.” In my own experience I have seen where the Lord will lead me on journeys of patience, persistence, and at times pain over a course of time. Whether it is waiting on a new job, a relationship, or breakthrough with a struggle the wait can feeling daunting. As long as it seems to linger though almost seemingly out of nowhere often times one good thing will lead to the next. It is as if all things have happened swiftly and suddenly, though it has been a long time in the making. It is a lot like fireworks.

It took a long time to set up that fireworks show. First the fireworks had to be made, likely in another country, then shipped across an ocean to arrive on land to then be taken by truck to some warehouse somewhere where eventually they are transported to another store and well, you get the point. It isn’t a quick process along the way, though all at once the lights fill the sky booming and in such a way that no one can ignore them. I think for many of the long game promises it is that way too. They are in such a way that with no shadow of doubt it was God and only God Who could have brought things forward in perfect timing and design.

So, whatever you are in the long game for do not lose hope. The show hasn’t even begun yet, but it’s on the way. And it will with no doubt be a sight to remember.