Steal the Groundhog

Dear Friend, 

How is this winter treating you? Have you found yourself in that mundane shuffle from the slushy puddles on the street into the office and back home around in the pitch-black dark even though it is 5:05 PM? I hope this week’s blog refreshes you with some sunshine and inspiration. 

With Great Love,


One of my favorite films of all time is the classic, Groundhog Day starting Billy Murray. If you are not familiar with the film, I highly recommend it. The story follows Phil, a TV anchor who finds himself in a sci-fi loop of reliving the same day after day, sound familiar? One of the funniest scenes is when Phil chooses to literally steal the groundhog and go for a joyride with him in tow. It is for comical effect, but it had me pondering not just the idea of spontaneity, but really the necessity of it. 

As humans we were never built or made to go on and on without a rest. That is why the Sabbath is something not to just consider in idea, but to recognize as a human need, much like sleep. I dare say spontaneity also falls into that category. The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again expecting a different result, so why would we think reliving the same workday, same work week, same rut would lead to anything but insanity? 

The cure? Well, my encouragement to you is to consider how you could creatively break the cycle. Maybe this is scrapping the norm for a night and doing something you absolutely adored as a child or teen like ice skating, go karts, or a batting cage. Maybe it is looking for a last-minute trip on one of those cheap flight sites, or maybe it is just doing something wonderfully different. So, go ahead and steal that groundhog. It might just become the best thing you’ve done in a very long time. 

Re-Created the scene with my cat, Mac

Journal Pondering of the Week: If money was no object, what would you do with total and complete freedom for 24 hours?