Freedom Dreams

Dear Friend, 

What was the theme of your best freedom dream? I’m not talking daydreams or aspirations, but literal dream. Many of us at times will dream we can fly, or maybe that we can breathe under water. For me a reoccurring freedom dream has been that of ice skating. Not just ice skating, but having full clarity and space to skate without worry or doubt. Nearly floating upon the ice with consistent speed. 

I took lessons when I was an early teenager and loved it but had not been skating in over 15 years when I decided to go the other week. There was something deeply embedded within that just kept bringing to mind the idea of ice skating, so I listened and went solo. For the first ten minutes or so I kept with that steady in and out motion as to secure balance and not fall flat on my face. After finding myself a tad bored with that I decided to really start gliding forward, not worrying if I fell or not. What I found was it was exactly like all those dreams I had been having for the past two years. Swish and forward I went, light on my feet and I swear my heart was even blushing. I was so free. 

What was evident and key that night was that I had the choice to stay in that rhythmic motion of safety in and out, in and out, or I could take a literal step to see if I could do more. When I stopped fearing a fall, I could finally experience what it meant to be free. Later in the night I did fall, but even that was not that bad. How true is that for our experiences in life? We fear stepping forward so much that we stay in these safe little comfort zones, when sheer joy is just on the other side of a but what if?  So, what is awaiting you on the other side?

Journal Pondering of the Week: Where has fear held you back from living?