Earth Experience

Dear Friend,

Seldom do we dwell upon the realization that we are actually on this earth for a very short amount of time, and we only live one life. Years ago the, “YOLO” trend had us primarily willing to take risks or spend money on frivolous things, but it never got to the root of us actually sitting in the fact that life is fragile and fleeting.

This made me ponder recently how I want to look back upon my life in the end of what my earth experience really was before entering into Eternity? Did I live in a. place of constant worry, fretting, anxiety, and fear, or did I live an abundant life? Abundance is not unending happiness, nor is it a life without trails, but it is a full life. John 10:10 shares that Christ seeks to give us life and life abundantly, not life and life apathetically or life and life in anxiety.But it is a choice.

We can choose to live a life fully embraced in the abundance of all this earth has to give us, in winter and summer, in rain and sunshine or we can squander the time wrapped up in what ifs. Only you can make that choice.

What will your earth experience be?