Don’t Limit God to Predictability

Andrik Langfield

Dear Friend, 

Do you put God in a box? I know that has been said before, but I want you to really consider it. Recently one of my US History students shared a story that profoundly floored the entire class in the best way at God making a way when there seemed to be no way. 

Hannah is a Senior who recently was accepted into her dream school, and she is a very accomplished singer/songwriter. In applying for scholarships, she threw her name in the ring for one for a music scholarship. At the school she is attending typically music scholarships would solely go to those who are exceptionally proficient in playing violin or piano, to which Hannah is not. She did not let that limit her or her God, and she threw her audition tape in ever still. To Hannah’s absolute surprise and delight she received an email that her tape ended up at the Dean’s desk and he was moved by her performance in the way of leading worship. So much so that he made a new scholarship especially for Hannah and those who feel called to lead worship. God made a way. 

We often limit God to our own human logic in what we can see, touch, or feel in that given moment. In human logic there would be surely no way Hannah would receive a music scholarship as she did not meet the expectations set in place. Human logic would say an automatic, “no.” It would not be something we would predict or assume to occur. 

In the same way I considered the Israelites at the Banks of the Red Sea. They had escaped Egypt and made it to the desert to find themselves at the water’s edge when behind them they saw coming onward an entire army ready to slaughter or capture. The people in a moment of doubt and disbelief in the goodness of God literally questioned if God had brought them out there because there would be more room for graves. Not only do we limit God, but we often think Him a trickster whimsical being that delights in our dismay. But our skeptics of His goodness does not limit His ultimate Will. Logic and reason said that either the Egyptians would take out the nation of Israel by the sword, or they would have to drown by casting themselves in the waters of the Red Sea. Human logic never once considered that God might just part the sea. Inevitability God brought forward something not on the bingo card of consideration and parted the sea drying the land beneath their feet so that they could walk to the other side and then completely wiped out the Egyptians by flooding the sea back to its original form. 

Where are you limiting God to predictability in your own life? Where have you made an idol or god of reason, logic, and the tangible in front of you? Have you leaned upon your own discernment and understanding to the point that you completely doubt the goodness of God or how obeying His commands could in fact be the best decision you ever made? Life is not predictable, and neither is our God.