Break Free and Be Blessed Collab Series

Week 2: Madeline Kalu

Reteaching Ourselves to Believe in Signs, Visions, and Wonders By Madeline Kalu

A few years ago, when l was working as a primary school teacher in Germany, a colleague and l had planned an open-air gathering on a clear and chilly November afternoon to commemorate a beloved children’s holiday. 

Though the school l taught at was non-denominational, l always prayed over my school children and this day was no exception. In particular, l prayed for safe travels for parents and children on the icy roads and that the event would glorify the Lord.

The highlight of the afternoon’s festivities was a performance of traditional songs by some of the students. As they played, my gaze was drawn upward to two military aircraft flying past. As they crossed paths directly above us, each jet released a stream of aerobatic smoke oil that formed an enormous white cross in the bright blue sky. 

The crowd oohed and ahhed at the sensational display, however, l marveled at what was for me, a sign that God had heard my prayers and was with us. And yet, when l later relayed this revelation to a friend, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “The planes just happened to fly past when the children were playing – the cross was pure coincidence.”

Was it though? 

The Bible contains numerous accounts of men and women of faith who walked daily in the expectation of experiencing God’s signs, wonders, and miracles. When David faced Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:42-51, he wasn’t intending to die that day – he was believing in God to intervene divinely. And the result? God blessed David with a shepherd’s weapon of a slingshot and a stone combined with a deadly aim to bring down a giant. 

Trapped between Pharaoh’s forces and the Red Sea in Exodus 14:21-31, Moses raised his staff and trusted God to do the impossible and save the Israelites. God responded by parting the waters for them to cross safely, while the same miracle drowned the Egyptians. And what about Esther, who, in her eponymous book, relied on God to supernaturally revoke a national law that would result in racial genocide for her and her people? 

Friends, over time, we have forgotten the ways of our biblical forefathers and stopped believing that God performs signs, wonders, and miracles in our lives. Instead, we have come to believe in ourselves and our own capabilities. And yet, despite our efforts, what we can achieve in our own strength is limited by our humanity. However, God in His infinite power and might can do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can think, ask, or imagine. However, we need to do our part and start believing again that He can and will turn up divinely in all that we do.

Our God is still the God of miracles. Therefore, let us make 2023 our year for breakthroughs by reteaching ourselves to believe in signs, visions, and wonders. Let us become so accustomed to seeing God move in seemingly impossible ways and thereby enable others to see His glory through our blessings. 

Madeline Kalu is a contributing writer at and the co-founder of the Christian website Jacob’s Ladder Blog. She was born in England, was raised in Australia, and currently lives in Germany with her husband Solomon. Madeline is in recovery from burnout, chronic depression, and anxiety. She believes that God can take life’s adversities and work them out for His good; hence, she uses her writing voice to raise awareness of mental illness, as well as to spread the light of God’s love to those who are mentally trapped in the dark, and provide them with hope and encouragement.  Website:  Instagram:  Tik Tok:jacobs_ladder_blog