• Hello!

    Dear Friend, Welcome to the newly updated I am honored and thankful to have you along for the journey, and my heart is that you will find nestled within the lines of these emails and blogs an invitation for authentic connection among kindred spirits. We each have a story that we are daily seeing […]

  • The Story Behind the Book

    Hello Friend, I typically am someone who keeps my private life, well, private, but once in a blue moon I feel led by the Spirit to peel back the curtain and share some of the, “only God could” stories of my life. With no shadow of doubt the making of, Dear Future Husband was certainly […]

  • An Empty Seat at the Table

    Imagine this-your life is a restaurant. Everyone you interact with be it in real life, far away via the phone, or what have you all have seats at tables in the restaurant. In the center of the restaurant is your personal table. This table has enough seats for five people to sit, including you. Who […]

  • Earth Experience

    Dear Friend, Seldom do we dwell upon the realization that we are actually on this earth for a very short amount of time, and we only live one life. Years ago the, “YOLO” trend had us primarily willing to take risks or spend money on frivolous things, but it never got to the root of […]