An Empty Seat at the Table

Imagine this-your life is a restaurant. Everyone you interact with be it in real life, far away via the phone, or what have you all have seats at tables in the restaurant. In the center of the restaurant is your personal table. This table has enough seats for five people to sit, including you. Who is at that table?

Who are the four that you would choose to be your closest advisors, the ones on the inside who really know what is happening in your life and know the real score of things? Who is giving you encouragement, or who is speaking loudest in your life because they are sitting so close they can touch elbows with you?

I took some young people through this exercise and a few of the answers did not surprise me. Of course friends, parents, siblings and the sort were the common answers, but one young man in particular asked a very thought provoking question: should there be an empty seat for our future spouse? Man, God bless that kid. Anyway, it got me thinking…..

This particular blog is for those who are yet to have their spouse in their life really, but do you have a seat waiting for your spouse at your table? This opens the door to the thought process as well of making room for a future spouse in your life, but it begs the question of how important is it for us to reserve or save a space that sacred for someone and should we be praying for them? The answer is, yes.

After Ben’s answer the entire conversation shifted and we had such a great opportunity to talk about what it means to not only hold the space, but to pray for the person God has to sit there one day. That person is living and breathing and walking around on this earth, and they need your prayers. Pray that they become someone that you would want sitting in that seat and that they become all God made them to be. So, hold the spot.