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A Little Bite of Dear Future Husband

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Dear Reader, 

Letters. Even the mere word drifts our thoughts to yesteryear when soldiers would romance their sweethearts an ocean away, or lovers would flood pages longing for a day when the space between them was replaced with the embrace of being together. Letters in themselves encapsulate a nostalgia within our hearts that we may have never experienced. Handwritten letters bring to the modern age a rare gem of expression, offering a great ability to grow the anticipation and feeling of love. 

For the past twelve years I have been writing letters to my future husband. Though I began writing without even knowing him, they hold within them the promise that indeed one day I will be standing by his side for the rest of my days. My hope is as that, you journey through the pages of this book, you will find yourself within these letters and perhaps feel inspired to capture parts of your own life as a “message in a bottle” that will one day be given to your earthly dearest.

If nothing else, I pray these letters will inspire you to pray for the man God has just for you. He is real, he exists, and he is walking on this earth right now. God knows both of your hearts, for He created them both. So, as we journey forward into these letters, consider this man of mystery and remember that his heart is waiting to meet you too. 

All my love, 


First Impressions

April 23, 2011

Dear Future Husband…Whoever You Are, 

Hi. I’m not so good with introductions, but I figure by the time you read this we will be very much acquainted. So, perhaps I can move past the awkward pleasantries and speak as I would if we were friends. More than friends…best friends, kindred spirits, soul mates. 

I am writing to you today because there is something within me that feels as if I know you already. Not in the way that I know your phone number, or even your first name, but somehow this letter will be received by someone my soul could, in a way, already recognize or know. In the same way that Adam knew who Eve was the moment he laid eyes on her in Eden. There is an inner feeling that as I write these words they will be received, not only some day in the future, but even now as I pray over you. I believe that, through all the galaxies and mysteries of the universe, you are out there—my one and only is out there—and that God Himself would help you feel my prayer and words for you this very day. 

Life seems to be changing so rapidly, and with it great milestones are occurring, and in truth I am sad to have you miss them. And so, I had the hopeful aspiration that perhaps if I recorded the changes of life and the ponderings of my heart as they occurred, you wouldn’t feel as if you missed a single thing. That perhaps my scribbles and thoughts and journey would instead help you feel as if you were there too…and perhaps along the way you could come to know me as I become the woman who will one day marry you. 

I recognize in my own naivety that I am but an eighteen-year-old high school senior, and I will be the first to admit I am not ready for marriage in this very moment, but one day I will be. Just as much as this is a note to you, my future husband, this is a note to my future self. For she is the version of me that you will fall in love with, make memories with, and say, “I do” to, but she would not be the woman she is if she was not first me. A young gal with bright eyes and a hope for all that is to come. 

And so, welcome to the year 2011. Life is a divine mystery and, if I am being honest, it is hard to place a safe bet on what might happen next. I have sent off my college applications (finally) and await the final answer from universities within the next few weeks. Curious if you will be there at the college I choose… A fanciful daydream wisps through my head that there we will both be, moving into the dorms. It will be my first year, and perhaps your final year. I’m carrying my crate of old vinyl records that I cannot part with when our eyes instantly lock, no words will be found to escape our mouths, but all is said with that gaze of meeting a friendly stranger whom I will one day call “home.” Or perhaps you are not there; only time will tell. Until then I will continue to create wondrous scenarios in which we meet, but somehow in my heart I know God will author one better than even my vivid imagination can muster. 

Homework awaits and Dad and I are watching the Packers game later today. Wait, are you a Packers fan? Ah, so many curiosities I have about you. 

All my love, 

Your Future Wife 


Father God, 

I pray today for the man You have chosen to become my husband one day. I do not know him, but You do. You know him infinitely more than I could ever imagine, and You are building him up to become the man he will need to be not only for me, but for Your kingdom as well. Father, please be with him today and please give him a hope within that there is a girl out there very much excited to one day meet him. To marry him, to do life with him, and to be his one and only.